San Francisco Carnaval Parade


Samba Mundial will not be doing the SF Carnaval Parade as an independent
contingent this year. The short story is that we need a year off, and Brad has
gone back to work full-time, currently 50+ hours per week, and thus does not
have the time to produce the show.

We want to provide an alternative for those that still want to do the parade.
We have been working on these efforts, and although we are sorry for the
late notice, we are just able to make the following announcements.

Sandy has arranged to create a separate "Ala" (section) of dancers that
will parade with Samba Rio. Choreography and costumes will be coordinated,
but the group will rehears remotely (meaning locally). Everyone will need to
attend a final rehearsal in May before the parade. Sandy will provide additional
details via email. If you are on this list, and don't get "dancer" email messages
from Sandy, let me know, and I will help get you on the list for information.

Jimmy Biala (founder of SambAsia and essentially the current leader of the
Samba Rio bateria) has also arranged to lead a separate section of drummers
to join the Samba Rio bateria for the parade. Additional details are below, and
here is the summary.

-The opportunity is for Agogos and Chocalhos only.
-Class/Rehearsals will be at the Mexican Heritage Plaza in San Jose.
-A six session class sign-up will be required, and
-A final rehearsal with Samba Rio will be required.

It this opportunity sounds right to you, please contact Jimmy via email
RIGHT AWAY to let him know your are interested. His information below
indicates a Tuesday 3/18 deadline which is TOMORROW. I am sorry for
the last minute notice. We only got this information confirmed over the weekend.
(I am hoping there is some leeway, but let Jimmy know right away if you would like to join.)

See more information below. We will share additional information as we are able!

-Brad Hamilton

Participate as an auxiliary percussion section with Mestre Jorge Alabe Grupo Samba Rio
for the 2014 San Francisco Carnaval. This is an opportunity to play in either the Chocalho or Agogó
section of Grupo Samba Rio's Bateria. Jimmy Biala will be teaching the material in San Jose
at the School of Arts and Culture in the Mexican Heritage Plaza.

Class will take place in the evening, probably Tuesdays or Wedensdays starting in April. ( April 8,15,22,29, May 6,13th)
Class time 7pm-8pm
Class fee- package of 6 classes minimum of 8 people needed for the class to take place,

The final rehearsal with Grupo Samba Rio in Oakland takes place
Sunday May 18th 5pm-8pm and is mandatory for ALL participants.
Carnaval participation fees are not yet confirmed.
Our usual fees usually are $30 membership fee and $40 costume.
San Francisco Carnaval is Sunday morning May 25th.

I will need to know how many people are able to commit to all 6 classes, May 18th rehearsal and parade by
Tuesday March 18th in order for me to secure a classroom and time slot at the School of Arts and Culture for these classes.
Please contact me directly to RSVP as your soonest convenience. Muito Obrigado!
Jimmy Biala
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2013 SF Carnaval Parade Map (6MB PDF or 1MB GIF)

Samba Mundial emulates the large "Escolas de Samba" (Samba Schools) of Rio de Jeniero and thus produces a large new production for Carnaval each year.  In our case, we do it for the San Francisco Caranaval parade which takes place every year on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend in May.

From the 1989 through 2006, Samba Mundial participated in San Francisco Carnaval under the name Sambão Para O Povo (A great big Samba for the People).  A small contingent called Samba Mundial participated in the same parade in 1995 and 1996.  In 2007, Sambão Para O Povo renamed itself Samba Mundial and has participated in the parade under that name ever since.  For more information on the history of the organization, including a record of each year's "enredo" (theme) and artwork, please vist our History Page.

Our 2013 Enredo (Theme) is:

"É batuque de Terreiro – It is drumming from the soul"

-The bateria leader this year is Bradley Hamilton, our official Regente de Bateria.
-The choreography is created by Sandy Del Rio, Sambao's Regenta de Baila and 2001 Rainha de Bateria.
-Music and Lyrics for the Enredo were written by Mestre Vauginho de Senzala.
-Costumes for this year are being designed by Sandy Del Rio & Aki Ueno, our 2006 Rainha de Bateria.
-Artwork for this year's parade is in progress. 

Rehearsal for SF Carnaval begin the first Saturday in April and run every Saturday until the parade.
4:00-5:00pm - Bateria Rehearsals/Dancer Choreography (separate groups)
5:00-5:45pm - Dancer Rehearsal with Bateria Rehearsal (together)
5:45-6:00pm - Announcements

2013 Saturday rehearsals begin Saturday, April 6.

If you wish to join in the festivities just come to the first rehearsal in April (or the first one you can make).  Or, to start sooner, come to a Wednesday night class to meet the group and start to play and/or dance!

Rehearsals are held at Senzala Restaurant in Sunnyvale.
(250 E. Java Dr.Sunnyvale, CA 94089) 

For more information, please visit our S.F. Carnaval 2013 information page

We encourage you to register online.

Download our Samba Enredo for 2013 - “É batuque de Terreiro – It is drumming from the soul"

Or listen all of our past Enredo's on the Enredo Page.